Calendar March

Ok, I wasn’t that creative this time. And I cut myself to only four 😉

And don’t forget to check out these pages 😉

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Vote For Your February Faves!!!

The month is over, so it’s time for you to vote your fave post in each category!! You know how it works 😉 You can choose multiple pics in each category. And you can vote multiple times. Until I change the settings 😉

Bromance Tuesday

Team Thursday

FOY Friday

SEALs Saturday

Sunday Smile

FOY Friday


Green Shirt? Check!

Tan Cargos? Check!

Tan Boots? Check!

Badge? Check!

FOY? Check!!


Do I see a smile???? Check?!?!

Team Thursday

The last Team Thursday in February… No need to worry, no one mess with McGs Team!!


Aloha Ladies!

Just a quick uhm… update?? I don’t know how to call it. Information?? Whatever. 🙂

February is almost over, which means, we are close to the March Calendar post. This means, if you would like to have your link in my post (or if you don’t wanna have your link in my post) just let me know. Yes, I’m asking BEFORE doing it *lol*

The months almost over means, we’re close to your FAVE February post/pics. You know, there’s Bromance Tuesday, Team Thursday, FOY Friday, SEALs Saturday and the Sunday Smile. Yeah, I know, some of you don’t like smiling Steve 😉

So, check the February posts that have been published until now and wait for the VOTING POST. Just a short reminder how it works: You can choose one or all pics in each category AND you can vote as often as you like. Until I change the settings. Last month I need to change the settings because I wanna have ONE number one and not two 😉

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask me