FOY Friday

Looks like a Season 3 week *lol* And if there’s no one out there who likes that pic, well, no problem, I like it. For some reasons 🙂 But maybe there’s someone who likes it too. For other reasons. Or the same reasons. Ok, gonna stop talking, here’s the pic:


10 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. I love these pants (is it green or khaki?!?!) and the badge! I have to think about the scene 😉 (it’s my personal ambition to know the scene to the pic)!! Happy TGIFOY Friday!


    • The McGarroting wire episode? LOL!! I heard that word the other day (garroting wire) and I wanted to correct them that the proper word is McGarroting wire. heh.


    • Only AOL-affected people would get the joke, sometimes it frustrates me how the world just doesn’t understand 😉 they don’t know what they miss!


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