SEALs Saturday

A different style of SEALs action.

I had to laugh so much while watching that scene. Love it!!!





10 thoughts on “SEALs Saturday

    • It was so funny 🙂 I really liked that kind of SEALs action. And I would like to see some flashbacks. I guess it’ll be interesting…


  1. This will always be one of my favorite scenes. It’s so identifiable. We hear a noise and it’s scary and then it’s nothing. Also Mom horns in on the love life. Never had em both happen at once, like poor McG, but we’ve all had em happen separately. Heh! 😆


    • You’re sooo right! It’s identifiable. But unfortunately we don’t have McG next to us. 😦 Life isn’t fair… *lol*


    • I absolutely loved their arguments. Steve and Danny have their carguments. What is it called between Steve & Cath? Bedguments???


    • Bedguments? YES! That’s why that headboard always looks so rickety. Lots of bedguments 😉

      buttercup4u I totally agree! It was one more scene that proved Cath is perfect for McG.


    • His shirt is great! Yes, I said it. And yes, I know it’s a blue shirt. But it’s a SEALs shirt 🙂 It is a funny scene. I could watch again and again and again. Maybe we should watch it again. And again. Just for further inspections. 😉


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