Just because… #TeamGreenShirt and #TeamTanCargos

Okay, it wasn’t really a request… 🙂

But this one is for ESS (and me) and of course all the other members of Team Green Shirt and/or Team Tan Cargos!!!

I couldn’t find something like “dedicated to green shirt and tan cargos” anywhere…

And this need to be somewhere.

For reasons.


I don’t know why the shirt looks blue…but we all know it’s NOT blue *happy dance* 


6 thoughts on “Just because… #TeamGreenShirt and #TeamTanCargos

  1. This is one of my fav scenes (btw I’m team greenshirt and tancargos too 😉 )!!!
    First of all, the scene starts with McG shooting and handling a really big gun, then we see him lying flat with these wonderful tancargos, then he gets up on all fours (nope to him lying on his back or other way round, but yes to this 😉 ) then the wind blows the greenshirt to his strong shaped back muscles (and my knees melt to marshmellows collide with fire), then some emo Mcg (omg his face) and then we walks and the tancargo blaze to glory, then Joe shots and we see a wonderful smile on McG face!
    Did I say I love the greenshirt and tancargos 😉 ! Beautiful Pictures, thanks!


    • OMG!!! I need an I LOVE button for comments!! And welcome to the Team 🙂
      I really love the way you describe the scene. xoxo If you like, you can describe all the posts like this. I totally enjoy reading it. Mahalo buttercup!!


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