Just because…

I got this song in my head… You don’t know which song??? Talk Dirty. Jason Derulo.



12 thoughts on “Just because…

    • I agree Paula…what the h size are those gloves…quadruple xrtra large?!!! Cuz that man has some LARGE manly masculine hands…his gloves, like his pants should fit him snugly!!
      Also, ACA agree about the getting more handsome…*sigh*


    • Trust me, I can’t take my eyes off those lips, eyes, and nose..but please, please just think about what he can do with those hands…ungloved of course. SIGH!


    • The gloves are weird!! That was my first thought because I’m weird too. The Wardrobe clearly spent their budget on blue shirts and can’t afford decent gloves. *snort*


  1. Paula, are you serious?? >>> I´m probably weird, but I was thinking those rubber gloves should have been wrapping his fingers tighter<<< *rotfl* Why the hell are you thinking about those gloves????


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