The beginning of…

The Bromance 🙂

Some of us are in Season 4. Some are in Season 3. And I’m still in Season 1. *lol*

And because some of you *cough* mostlyfive0 *cough* don’t like smiling Steve… And maybe some of you like guns, hands, watches, eyes, … I guess I could continue that… Oh and some of you might like Danno 😉

Here we go:





4 thoughts on “The beginning of…

  1. OMG – THIS is my MOST favorite scene. I love it SO much. That was so well done by the both of them. SO, SO great. Oh, thank you giving me that. Eh, I mean all of us. LOL
    I think it’s time to watch the pilot for the ‘hundredandtwentythird’ time or so. I lost count. 🙂


    • Oh, you’re still in ‘hundred’ ?? I thought we’re in ‘thousand’ *lol*
      I’m happy that you like that. I thought about a weekly Bromance post or something like that. You came with the grumpy Steve idea… And now we got this 🙂


  2. This is great, never fails to bring some deep feels about where it all started!
    Even though English isn’t my first language, I know this conversation by heart (I’m not flattering myself, just showing my obsession 😉 ) BTW good idea, I like determined McG a lot!


    • Feel free to show your obsession all the time 🙂 McPerv & Proud Unit *lol*
      No one cares about if English is your first language or not 🙂 Because we’re international 🙂 And we have the AOLww dictionary. Mahalo to ESS and her great Team xoxo


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