FOY Friday

Looks like a Season 3 week *lol* And if there’s no one out there who likes that pic, well, no problem, I like it. For some reasons 🙂 But maybe there’s someone who likes it too. For other reasons. Or the same reasons. Ok, gonna stop talking, here’s the pic:


Team Thursday

The last Team Thursday…

I’m in Season 3 again.

This week, we have Thigh Holster, Kevlar, Gloves, Big Guns…

Oh and what a surprise, a blue shirt *rolleyes*


Okay, I guess no one wanna see Steve McGarrett wearin flower printed shirts… But always blue?

Take a look at Kono. Black! Absolutely sexy. Just my opinion.

I really really try to stop talking about the blue shirts. But I can’t. I won’t stop trying 🙂

Let’s concentrate on other stuff.


Bromance Tuesday *Special Edition*

Alright Ladies, like I said a few times before, if you have any ideas/wishes/requests please feel free to tell me. I promise, I won’t bite 😉

So, this one is a *Special Edition* because it’s Marnov FUCUPs fave episode and she never gets enough of  McDanno fun and McTopless 😉


Sunday Smile

Welcome to Season 4

It’s time for an Uncle Steve moment


Calendar February

Only a few days left and January is over. But no need to be sad, here’s the February calendar 🙂

I tried something new.

feb1sizz feb2sizz feb3sizz feb4sizz feb5sizz

I’m so excited to see what all the creative ladies did for this month…


Check out all the other great editing skillz!!!!


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