I’m sorry…


This is a SORRY in advance… Because I’m not sure if there’ll be a FOY Friday or a Sunday Smile this week.

For those, who don’t know, I had a car crash on Friday. Means, I’m busy and my thoughts are everywhere. I’m still kinda shocked, because my last crash was in July. 

None of us is seriously injured. My BFF (luv ya Sweetz!!!) and my dog are fine. 

I hope my apology is accepted…


Take care!!!



6 thoughts on “I’m sorry…

    • Yeah, first thing I did was a look to the right “are you ok?” -“yes” second thought MY DOG!!! So I jumped out off the car. And my little girl was fine 🙂 I didn’t care that much about my car during the first 15 minutes…


  1. Oh no!! Sending you healing thoughts!! Take the time to recover and regain your composure. Even minor accidents can be super crazy. ❤


    • Mahalo Luna!!
      I need time to recover… But my holiday is over 😦 Yeah, I know, I’m crazy. I should stay at home instead of working… My back hurts. I can’t stay at home.


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