FOY Friday

Alooohaaaa Ladys!!!


No new H50 this week?!?!

But a (not) new pic 🙂


3 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. Hey there, i have wanted to say thank you for such a long time!
    I finally managed to “account myself” so i’m able to comment 😉 !!!

    I always come (here) and enjoy you’re fridays! This one is one of the best! Green cargos and that mouth-sexing (can we say that???) and his perfect butt pushing against that metall, badge and arms crossed, all the hot factors are there!
    Thanks and get well soon!
    Lots of love from a swiss fangirlie!!


    • Aloha buttercup!! I hope you enjoy “being here” 🙂
      You’re from Switzerland??? I love it! Been to Locarno and Davos. And my dog is from Switzerland. Okay, it’s a breed from Switzerland 😉


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