My little girl finally got a name!!! #CutenessOverload #H50

Yes, finally 🙂

Mahalo for all your votes. And all the names!! xoxo

Her name is: Ohana

And she’ll be the reason why I’ll be superbusy the next weeks.

Apology accepted???


Looks like she loves my cargos, right? 😉

I try to keep you updated about Ohana, if you’re interested in being updated 😉



I’m sorry, that there’s no FOY Friday and Sunday Smile in the last two weeks. I’ve been really busy. So I didn’t had any time to find pics and post them. I’m really sorry!!! I know, that some of you missed the posts. I needed the break (my holidays) sooo much. But after 2 days back at work… All the holiday feels were gone 😦 More work, more stress. I’m looking forward to my next holidays by the end of November. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time for a September calendar… So, here’s my apology in advance 🙂 

But you know, there is (and will be) another reason why I’m that busy 🙂 And this reason makes me smile…  

Sunday Smile

Summer Holiday is over… But I’m still smiling 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend Ladies!!!

Sunday Smile 1108

My little girl ;) ***UPDATE*** #CutenessOverload #PuppyNames


Some of you might wanna know if  I made a decision. No, I didn’t. I didn’t pick a name yet.

But this cutie needs a name!!!


Aiyana, Ayasha, Charisa, Shelbourne, Kaya, Shani, Allegra ,Fame, Joy, Muffin, Mia, Amy, Aimee, Kala, Lani, Kona, Olina, Mana, Barika, Dakota, Shayna, Anouk, Jersey, Sydney, Luvlee (Lovely), Shawney (Shawny), Ohana, Ava

 I’ve crossed some of them… Now there are “just” 4 names left:





Please!!! I need your help!!!