FOY Friday

The temperature is rising and rising. And McG still wears his pants….SORRY shirt! SHIRT. 😉



5 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. It’s for our own safety that he is never pantless. We get a little (okay, a lot) overheated when he’s shirtless but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t survive if he ever went pantsless. He//, I nearly had a coronary during the scene where he gave himself a shot…and all he showed was his bare hip!


    • Wait…that sounded like I don’t want to see him pantless. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I’d be willing to risk life and limb for just a brief glimpse… * sigh*


    • I was seriously worried for you a sec. We would all be willing to put our lives at risk for even the briefest glimpse of pantsless Steve 😀


    • I KNOW! After I sent my first comment I thought…well, that’s going to be misinterpreted. Or they’re going to think I’ve lost my marbles!!!
      What I meant to say is that I think TPTB don’t want to kill off all the fangirls by giving us pantsless Steve. It would seriously hurt the ratings (and our lady parts)!!!!


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