FOY Friday

Okay Ladies, I know, it isn’t Friday. It’s Saturday. And I’m really sorry… But I was too busy with work… I’m late with that post, but I promised you’ll get it. And here we go 😉






And because I’m that late, here’s something “special” for you!!! Hope you’ll like it….









13 thoughts on “FOY Friday

    • You’re better in makin gifs 😉
      Yeah, his faaaace *lol* I absolutely like it. If I wouldn’t , I could cut his head off… 🙂


  1. Look at you with the gif!! loved it! I did notice there was no FOY friday posted and even though I love the post, I’m just happy to know it was just because you were busy and nothing worse. I know you haven’t had the best of luck lately. 😦

    thanks for the smile and the FOY! those two kind of go hand in hand. *hee, ‘in hand’*


    • Busy with work. And been to docs… They don’t look like Dr Andy 😦 But I’m feelin better. 😉
      FOY and “in hand” …. *cough*


    • Seems like you like it 😉
      The tan cargos rule!! *lol* I don’t like those white pants that much. But I LOVE the tan cargos!!!


  2. Better late than never I always say, and really Steve is always ready to give us a panty poofing McPerving aolgasm. lol Take care of yourself first! smoochies xxoo


    • How can I take care of myself when I’m lookin for FOY pics?!?! 😉
      Is this >>> “panty poofing McPerving aolgasm” part of the H50BAMF-SPEAK???


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