FOY Friday

Alright Ladies, it’s Friday again.

I’m really sorry that I’m sooo busy in the last few days. I really miss you ladies!!!

I hope my apology is accepted when I’m back again with pics like that 😉



10 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. Wunderbar! I’ve been busy too. Almost done with this project I’m helping with. thank heavens! Taking away from my AOL McPerving! lol


    • At least wasn´t your fault. A much better place to be in. Must be really annoying though. A young guy nearly crashed into my sister´s car the other day. He was just speeding from a yard to the road, if I hadn´t yelled to my sis to hit the brakes, and she hunked the horn, they would have smashed in from the side. Both cars hit the brakes and managed to stop inches from each other. Whew… a very lucky break.


    • WOW! You and your sis are really lucky! I spent some time with the police, and few days later some time with my lawyer. And yesterday some time in hospital… Yeah, it wasn’t my fault… But that guy don’t have a driving license, and that scooter wasn’t allowed to be driven on a road… So it’s not sure, if his insurance will pay for the damage…


    • That´s so stressfull for you 😦 Maybe that boy has great parents, that would pay if the insurance doesn´t take care of it.


    • oh my! you were in a car crash? Good grief I hope it wasn’t anything too serious!!
      I have a broken tooth causing me sharp stabbing pains in ear plus toothache pain. Trying to find a clinic to take me too. 😦 no one excepting new patients. 😥


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