FOY Friday

Another Friday…. I’ve been really busy this week. And I’ve realized, that cops doesn’t look like Danno or McG. Unfortunately. And cop ladies aren’t like Kono. Whatever, back to topic. 🙂 

No further comment on this. Just take a look… 🙂

Have a great weekend ladies!!! 



13 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. Yes, Steve, I see it!! Oh ok I’ll look again.

    Steve McGarrett, the original McPerve. 😉

    Awww…poor S!zZ!!! If you have to go through all that they should at least look like McG. Glad you’re ok. ❤


    • McPerv & Proud 😉

      Mahalo nui loa! It seems like I got to meet more cops… I don’t like the way the whole story turns… 😦


  2. I’m pretty sure that sign says “PANTS WEARING PROHIBITED BY LAW”….so why the heck is he still wearing his?!!


  3. ^^ What CG says!! Absolutely. ^^

    But I can’t see the point of the pointing, surely no one with half an eye could overlook the FOY in its epic dimensions?

    Also, poor S!zZ 😦


  4. Do you know, that I just recognized the color of his shirt?!?!?! And I recognized the badge… I should take a look at the pics while editing them… *blush*


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