Calendar July

Another month, another try 🙂

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Sunday Smile

Do you remember this one??? I’m sure you do 🙂




Throwing bad guys into a shark cage must be fun… 😉

FOY Friday

Thank God it’s Friday!!! FOY Friday 🙂

I hope you’re having a great week. Mine is still busy.

This one is for all the TeamGreenShirt and TeamTanCargos Ladies out there 😉 And of course for all the McPervs 😉 Luv ya girls 🙂



Sunday Smile

This weeks over! Thank God!! So finally it’s Sunday. Are you really waiting for that post????

What do I love about that episode??? The tan cargos!!!!  ♥


FOY Friday

Another Friday…. I’ve been really busy this week. And I’ve realized, that cops doesn’t look like Danno or McG. Unfortunately. And cop ladies aren’t like Kono. Whatever, back to topic. 🙂 

No further comment on this. Just take a look… 🙂

Have a great weekend ladies!!!