FOY Friday

Aloha Ladies!!

Let’s try it.

I don’t know if I’m gonna do this every Friday. But marnov2205 had this idea because of last weeks Sunday Smile 😉



7 thoughts on “FOY Friday

  1. OMG, I’M DYING!! All about this post is brilliant!! McG’s face is the scooter here when there’s the FOY, but I love his expression in the pic. And I love my man dirty. And I love that you made a tag with my name. Sooo much love for one post 🙂 Thank you a lot, this made my day and it’s the third day that I’m celebrating my birthday now. I wonder how long I’m going to survive this…


    • First of all: Welcome to my blog Luna 🙂
      I hope you like being here. 🙂
      This pic was a…uhm… quickie *lol* because I just took the first pic that I found on my PC 😉


    • It’s kind of easy like that because well, they FOY is prominent in most pics. 🙂

      Excellent choice!! So much to love about this pic besides the FOY. Double thigh holsters with cammo kevlar. I approve of this new feature. 🙂


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