Sunday Smile

First of all: I’m sooo sorry that there wasn’t a Sunday Smile last week. I’ve been really busy… I hope that this weeks Sunday Smile will make you more smile 🙂

I don’t know where I found the original pic… I just edited it. It’s not that easy to find a pic for the Sunday Smile. I would love a Dress Blues or Camo pic every day *lol* Because this would MAKE me smile 😉

Enjoy the picture, smile and have a great Sunday!



4 thoughts on “Sunday Smile

  1. Thx for the smile, S!zz, I like the pic and the special effects, a lovely choice! I like also that the FOY makes a guest appearance here 😉 Maybe when you’re tired of Sunday Smiles, you could make a new theme, like FOY Friday? J/k…


  2. S!zz you should check out gallery for screencaps and pics. I’ve been providing her screencaps for the 2nd half of this season and if she doesn’t use mine , someone else provides them for her. They’re 99% Alex so you don’t have to scroll through a bunch of caps you’re not interested in if you’re just looking for Alex. (like me)


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