Sunday Smile

Wohooo!!! It’s sunday again. The temperature’s rising, so it’s time to take your shirts off 😉 Well, let McG start 😀

I hope you all gonna have a great day!!!



6 thoughts on “Sunday Smile

  1. S!zz, thx for making my Sunday complete. This is my fav epi because of the great McG/Danno interaction. And daaat faaaces that McG keeps on pulling. BTW, you haven’t given up the idea of monthly recaps? I’ll never complain of pics, but I liked your writings, too!


    • I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂
      uhm, my monthly recaps… I don’t have enough time at the moment 😦 and to be honest, I thought no one read my monthly recap… Seems like I lost my motivation…


    • Well, I did read your recaps – they gave me the impression that we think a bit in a similar way, so it felt very close to me and a nice read. But if the recaps are no more fun, then of course, just do something else 🙂


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