Sunday Smile

I’m a little bit late today. But I think that this Sunday Smile SEALs Style gonna work as my excuse 😉



Screencap by  Edited by me 😉

I just couldn’t decide which one… So you get both 🙂










Hope you have a great Sunday!!!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Smile

    • I’m in S1 most of the time *lol* But 3.20 is still in my head… Yeah, I really try to post the Sunday Smile on every Sunday. I thought about a weekly McG in Uniform pic… But finding the “right” smile is complicated enough. So no weekly Uniform pic 😦


  1. Beautiful cap S!zZ, I think I like the sepia one the best…but I do love both very much! Then again, I provide with their caps now so I like all the ones she has for the recent episodes. 🙂


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