Official promos for #H50 3.20 *warning*warning*warning* #AlexOLoughlin #MichelleBorth

I don’t wanna wait!!!! It’s not a *warning*warning*warning* it’s a *WARNING*WARNING*WARNING*THUD ALERT* 😉

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Someone help me!! I have a these FEEEEEELS and I don’t know what to so with them?!?!!!!!

Ass’t Editor Kimmer here… ^^^Ess is off trying to figure out what to do with her FEEEEEEELS, so I am stepping in to post the promo pics for 3.20 – which, IMO looks to be EPIC!!!! Enjoy!

All pics courtesy of CBS

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Sunday Smile

Should I start a poll?? No, I don’t.

I just wanna make us all smile a little bit more 🙂 Why?? Because life isn’t easy all the time. Because some of us are sick and tired of the rain and the snow. Because it’s Sunday. Because it’s Spring. Because: Happy Easter 🙂

Do I need more reasons for those pictures??? 😉



Three Rivers


A very special Mahalo Nui Loa to ESS!!! You know why 🙂

Day 70-76, 77-83, 84-90

WOW!!! 3 weeks… Uhm…. I was busy and tired. I’m gonna change the weekly recap in a monthly recap. If you forgot what it’s about, here’s my checklist:

  • more time with the people I love
  • less make up
  • more romantic movies
  • less Cargos
  • more work-out → changed to regularly on Day 4
  • less work
  • more girlie
  • less action movies

Spending more time with the people I love isn’t that easy. I try to, but I think that I’m not that good as I wanna be. 😦 I need my “energy” for my job. I can’t explain it. It makes me really sad that I can’t spend that much time with my loved ones, like I wanna do. I really hope, that the people I love understand why I can’t spend that much time with them. It’s not that I don’t wanna spend time with them. If you have to get up at 3 am, there isn’t that much time in the afternoon to spend time with the peeps. When I’m back home from work, I’m tired. Am I really that old that I need to take a nap?? Seems like… 😦  So, NEGATIVE!

Let’s go to the next point. Less Make Up. It totally works!!! Yay!!! And some people told me, that I look much better without that much Make Up. Ok, been to the tanning booth. So there’s not a big need to cover my face with lots of cream and powder and so on. But I changed my eyeshadow,too. Changed it to brighter, lighter colors. No darkblue, dark purple. I use white, light blue and so on. Of course, still black eyeliner and mascara 😉 Because that’s just me. But, it’s LESS Make Up, so: POSITIVE!!!

Next point: More Romantic Movies… uhm… I’m trying to work on my romantic part… But I still think that the romantic part is totally missing. If someone had found my romantic part, just let me know 🙂 I didn’t watched any movies in the last 3 weeks. But I watched Moonlight. Okay, it’s not romantic. Or is it romantic??? Please tell me!! All I can say is: Alex O’Loughlin *sigh* is a very sexy Vampire *lol* And I don’t like Vampire shows or movies. But I love Mick St. John 😉

The LESS Cargos Thing… Why the hell did I put this on my NYRs list??? Absolutely NEGATIVE 🙂

The regularly Work Out. Let’s be honest, I take a nap in the afternoon… It’s still winter. Snow. Ice. Storm. Rain. I know there are some Fitness Freaks out there who don’t care about that. But I do. It’s wrong. I know. If the weather is bad, I could do some Push Ups or Sit Ups. I need to change that. Because I really want to get in shape until summer!! There was that H50 episode with that Roller Derby. No no no. I don’t wanna do this LOL But I bought Rollerskates last year. Last summer I tried it. After uhm… 20 years… WOW. LOL. It was fun. No, not for me. More for the peeps watching me. *blush* But I really wanna start that again. YES Rollerskates. But, Work Out in the last 3 weeks: NEGATIVE 😦 boo

The LESS work part. Okay, due to some public holidays… No, it doesn’t work out. Because there’s more work before public holidays. It suckz. But I need the job to pay my bills. Less work: NEGATIVE

Let’s come to the more girlie part. I think it’s positive. Because I try to wear lighter colors. And I don’t want my recap to be only negative 😉

Last point. LESS Action Movies. Like I said before, I didn’t watched any movies during the last 3 weeks. I just watched Moonlight. Okay, Moonlight is kinda action. But it’s not a movie. So the less action movie point is: POSITIVE 😉

I hope you enjoyed reading my last weekly recap. I’m back in 4 weeks with my first monthly    recap. 🙂

Take Care!



Sunday Smile

I’m still in S1. I don’t know why, but I love it sooo much. The reason why I picked that pic… Just because we need to see more Mary.

And I would love to see some childhood flashbacks 😉

Some might think that Mary is always in trouble. But I like Big Bro Steve 🙂 He’s always there to protect her.

Please Mr PL, more Mary in S4 🙂


Sunday Smile

The weather is grey and stormy on this Sunday…

But here’s the reason for a smile on your face 🙂