Sunday Smile

I know you were waiting for this 😉

Mahalo Nui Loa Book ’em Danno !!!

H50-314_1309I´m sure you like it ESS  Green Shirt, Green Eyes 😉

Day 49 – 55

Back with my weekly recap again. I hope everyone had a nice week. I had, because I got one week holiday. Wooohooo, I stayed at home, but NO WORK!!!! So, it´s the first time that there´s no fail in that less work point. Finally. LOL But we got a fail in that work-out point. Or is shopping or H50 marathon a kind of work-out? 😉

Yes, I spent more time with the people I love. And I´m still working on it. Life changes sooo fast. We should cherish every moment…

There´s another point where´s no fail. Romantic Movies. Yes. I did it. I had watched The Lucky One and Dear John. First of all: Zac Efron vs Channing Tatum. Zac Efron is the winner 😉 Second: I´m not sure if you can compare those movies. I liked both of them. but this isn´t a movie recap, it´s my weekly recap. After those movies I decided that I need some McG in my life. I start watching the Season 2 DVD. 16 episodes in 2 days No, I´m not addicted. I don´t need help. I´m fine 😀

Less Make Up, More Girlie, Less Cargos. What can I say… It seems like it´s gonna work. Slowly. But it works… Bought some girlie clothes. Means some colorful things. The less Make Up thing works, because … I don´t know why exactly. I´m still complicated ROTFL Less Cargos just means more Jeans. I won´t wear skirts and dresses… That´s just not me. Not as long as there´s snow outside. I´d freeze my ass off LOL

I´d start reading another book. It´s called

When the Bullet Hits Your Funny Bone: The Essence of a U.S. Navy SEAL 

I like it. Just read a few chapters, but I really like it 🙂

I hope that I didn´t missed one point. Hope you had fun reading that recap, feel free to leave comments below.

God bless you!!! ♥

Day 42 – 48

So, here I am with my weekly recap of my NYRs. The following points are what I´m working on. Or better to say try to 😉

  • more time with the people I love
  • less make up
  • more romantic movies
  • less Cargos
  • more work-out → changed to regularly on Day 4
  • less work
  • more girlie
  • less action movies

I promise, next week gonna get better. I know, I tell this every week *lol* But I promise!! Trying to spend more time with the people I love is not that easy. It should be easy, I know. But it isn´t, because of work. My shifts totally suckz. Not just right now, my shifts suckz since a few months. Maybe I´ve been a bad girl, that I got those sucking shifts. I don´t know. I really try to spend more time with the people I love. I try to, I promise. Next point on my list. Make Up. It works. No, I won´t leave the house without Make Up. I can´t remember the last time I left the house without any Make Up. Must been 20 years ago… Let´s go to the next point. Movies. Romantic Movies. Uhm… Still a big FAIL!!! Or maybe not a fail. Because I didn´t watched any movies 😉 The Cargos point. Less Cargos??? May I change Cargos to sportpants 😉 *lol* I wear my cargos with tight shirts, so I´m kinda girlie and still wear my so loved cargos 🙂 The work out thing doesn´t worked out that well this week… I was too tired because of work… 😦  So the less work point didn´t worked out well. But next week 🙂 Because I got one week HOLIDAY!!!! Woooohoooo!!!

Sunday Morning Coffee Smile :)

Another Sunday… The Day before H50… So we gonna start this day with a smile, that makes me wanna drink some coffee. Okay, those who know me, know that I´m always drinking coffee. Why the hell am I talking about coffee??? I got lost somewhere… Ok, H50…Steve McGarrett…Coffee. He´s drinking some coffee in that scene!!! So I´m not totally confused *lol*

Lieutenant Commander McGarrett? May I join you? 😉

coffeeHe´s wearing blue. Scooter!!!! 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day

I´m not such a romantic person… And NO I won´t put some flowers or hearts on a pic. Okay, it´s heart-shaped… But it´s Valentine’s Day. 😉

Happy Valentine´s Day to all of you!!!!