Day 21 – 27

The 3rd weekly recap.

One Word: FAIL in all categories LOL

Seriously, too much work. And it won´t getting better. 😦 DON`T LIKE!!! More work means, less time for the people I love. I still try to fix it. Last week, I thought about loving my co-workers. I´m not sure if this is ever going to happen. Co-workers are co-workers and not friends. This is just my own experience!!

Maybe I should remove that less cargos part 😉 I could tell every week how much I love those pants. They are so useful! You don´t need a purse. That´s a big pro! Because, as you might know, I´m not that girlie girl if it comes to clothes. I am girlie if it comes to horror movies, injection, spider, darkness.

Due to this damn cold snowy icy stormy weather I hadn´t start running yet. I need more regularly work-out. I´m not feeling comfortable. I don´t like it. It´s not, that I don´t like work-out. It´s more about loosing my motivation. Any suggestions about that??? Of course, the reason to re-start that work-out stuff is to loose weight. But it feels like I´d stopped loosing weight. Don´t like that.

The Movie part. I like watching movies. But I think, my “have to watch list” doesn´t fit to me. But I´m gonna watch ’em. I promise.  “Watch ’em s!zZ” 😉

The less Make Up thing is a total contradiction to the be more girlie thing. Make Up is a kind of protection. This isn´t a fact, it´s again just my opinion. I don´t feel good without Make Up. I mean, I´m not looking like a DragQueen. LOL But I wouldn´t spend one day without Make Up. It´s just me. Take it, or leave it 🙂

So, let´s see what´s going to happen in the next week. One thing is for sure. More work than this week. No Day Off. Yihaaa! 7 Days of work… 😦


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