Day 14 – 20

The second of my weekly recaps.

This is my Checklist:

  • more time with the people I love
  • less make up
  • more romantic movies
  • less Cargos
  • more work-out → changed to regularly on Day 4
  • less work
  • more girlie
  • less action movies

Maybe I should love my co-worker. Why? Spending more time with the people I love wouldn´t be a big fail any longer *lol*  But wait… I didn´t fail!! There´s the #H50-Ohana!!!   C´mon, tell me: FAIL or CHECK ???

The Make Up stuff. I really try to. Seriously. Okay. FAIL!!! Same with the romantic Movies.  I got Friends with Benefits. And Oyster Farmer (is it romantic??). Didn´t watched yet. The DVDs are on my table. Sharing this place with The Notebook, The Lucky One and Dear John. So, FAIL. Again. 😦

Now we’re up to the point where I ask myself: Are you completely insane??? Why did you put this on your NYRs List!! Less Cargos.Are you serious?? L E S S  C A R G O S ??? This will never work out. NEVER.  😀

The Work Out thing works. Okay, still no running, but HEY, here´s snow. 😉 I continue the Push Ups and Sit Ups. Nah, I still don´t reach NAVY standard. Maybe until summer. NOT.  I try loosing more weight. Some people say that I should stop. Why? I didn´t start at all.   We´ll see where I am in summer 😉

Less Work. CHECK! Really?? I got 2 days off this week. I´m not sure if this counts. I like my job. But it sucks sometimes.

More Girlie. Yes I am a Girlie Girl!!! Thanks to my #H50-Ohana who made me recognize!!! I´m totally scared if it comes to Horror Movies. So, CHECK 😀 Ooooh…and I used Nail Polish 🙂 Okayyyy.. the color. Camouflage. But it´s Nail Polish 🙂

The biggest FAIL this week got a name. ZERO DARK THIRTY I´d pre-ordered it. Big Less Action Movies Fail.

I´m really curious about my 2013 recap. LOL I`m pretty sure that I won´t change into a romantic movies watching hot girlie.


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