Day 7 – 13

The first weekly recap. For those who don´t know, these are my New Year´s Resolutions:

  • more time with the people I love
  • less make up
  • more romantic movies
  • less Cargos
  • more work-out
  • less work
  • more girlie
  • less action movies

I´d changed the more work-out to regularly work-out on Day 4. 😉 And this is CHECK!!! Ooookaaayyyy… I didn´t re-start my running yet. But hey, it´s not my fault 😀 It´s raining and stormy and cold and windy and… Yeah, it´s my fault. But Push-Ups and Sit-Ups works 😉

I´m not sure about it, but I think the FAILS and CHECKS are always the same. LOL But okay, let´s start. I´m still workin on that first point. More time with the people I love. But I think it works. So, CHECK 🙂

The Movie stuff… I´m so busy @ work and busy with editing this page, that I don´t watch any movie. So it´s fifty-fifty. Less Action Movies CHECK; More Romantic Movies FAIL. Officially the movie thing doesn´t count because I´m a totally Malihini to this Blog thing. You don´t know what Malihini means??  Check out the Hawaiian Dictionary

There´s a conflict with Less Make Up and More Girlie… How can I be more girlie with less make up? Maybe the girlie thing is about my clothes. More dresses (hell no!) , more heels (seriously???) , more colours. Means colorful colours, like pink, purple and so on. I´m more into black, blue, khaki… I´d visited Mum yesterday. She was like: “Wow. You´re not in black” Me, smiling, “Aiy” She: “Are you serious ´bout that?” (looking at my  tan combat boots and my khaki cargos) Me: “YES! But take a look at my Shirt!” – “Black.” – “Yeah, but sparkling.”  😉  I think this less make up, more girlie is fifty-fifty, too.

Less Cargos… C´mon, you´re kiddin me, rite??? I truly love my cargos!! I would sleep in those pants! I don´t, but I would!!! Same with my so called combat boots. Maybe it´s a good compromise. A tight, sparkling shirt with cargo pants and boots. Or sneakers, btw, I Love my Chucks 😉


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