Day 4 and 5

Day 4 was an absolutely less make up fail!!! Further, I won´t watch any romantic movies next time.  But I tried sumthin new. Games. Need For Speed!!! It´s fun to crash cars *lol*  Uhm…I´ve changed my MORE work-out into REGULARLY work-out. It works. In my mind 😉 There´s a lil problem… I wanna start runnin..but don´t want to. Confusing. I know. So, I go on with push-ups (no, not the bra´s *lol*) and sit-ups. To have some little ups in my life…

Less Cargos… you´re kiddin me right? Means, we´re in Day 5 now. Less Work CHECK 😉 Cuz it´s my Day Off!!! 😀 Woke up, coffee, 4 minutes shower 😉 , 2nd coffee + cigarette, less make up: CHECK! push ups CHECK, sit ups CHECK, runnin… negative.

My clothes… complete fail to be more girlie. I´m wearin a blue US Navy SEALs Shirt, khaki Cargos and desert tan Boots. Noooooo wait!!! My underwear is purple and I wear those pinkpurple Snoopy sockz !!!!!!! Seriously.



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